msmuffinmania (msmuffinmania) wrote in radicalhistory,

No one may talk here anymore, but

I'll try anyway.

Could someone recommend a good documentary or movie about communities or groups or grassroots movements, rising against oppression?

I'm especially interested in SDS and the Weathermen, and how corporate america is tied into politics. But it doesn't have to be that.
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a film about the weathermen came out a few years ago. i think it's called the weathermen. it's pretty good, doesn't just let bill ayers run off his mouth and imply that he was perfect, there's discussion of the conflict within the group too and other folks opinions which is nice. my favorite films about folks rising up is Harlen County USA about the 1972 strike in the coal fields, and This is What Democracy Looks Like about the seattle protests in 1999 it discusses all the connections between corporations, international organizations, american governments and more.

what are you looking to use such a thing for cause that might help me think of other things.
Okay so now that i've checked out your user info... you should go to Boston ABC meetings and ask Matt if he can think of other stuff. or just stop by LPC and see if anything new has come out. and next may day don't forget to go to the celebration at the Collige cause they usually show great little documenteries about stuff that's happening.
I think I may have already seen both those... haha. Definitely the first one, already.

Thank you for your suggestions! I'm not particularly looking to use it for anything special, no event or anything, other than my own education.

I don't go back to Boston until September, but thanks, I'll try that out.
okay the take is really good it's about the worker repossesion of factories. i mean in all honesty the best way find the new stuff is to go to Lucy Parson's Center film nights check out the Harvard Film Archive and Coolige cornor theater.

anything about Highlander reaserch and ed center is great.

life and debt if you haven't seen it is amazing about the impact of the imf/wb.
here in d.c. the brian mccanzie info center has film nights periodically. so they might be worth you checking out.
I've been there a few times... I'll head back soon. thanks again.

You've heard of Funk the War?